Posted by: jiawen | December 12, 2007

You know how almost everyone vows to start  a new year AFRESH, and more exciting, fruitful than before? With about 2 weeks left and counting, Im in a bit of a spot as to what to do with my life. Literally i mean.

 Im not sure if its now time to start over with a clean slate. Was and am seriously contemplating whether I should still continue doing ballet; there are so many pros and cons and yet many other new activities seem more appealing. Im currently in a bit of dilemna, because im reluctant to drop something that i’ve be doing for so long and im afraid i might regret my decision afterwards.

Holidays seem a little draggy nowadays; its the real first time I get to slack off 100% but theres really too much time la. Im getting down to doing preparations for LR today and that should keep me real busy for a while. Posting results will be out tomorrow, we’ll just wait and see what happens.

Heres one family picture from our trip:





  1. HELLO. (: ;D

  2. Hey happy slowly contemplating 2008…just want to say that you without ballet=WHOA!!! Would be really interesting to see how your life develops from there.

  3. Hello… what is this post? a ‘let’s-see-how-much-we-can-scare-them’ post??! first of all, ONE PICTURE OF YOUR FAMILY VACATION? Hello! i said PICTURES! i wanna see picture[S]!!! heh…

    and secondly… no ballet?!?! that’s like taking a huge chunk of your life out of you. Like -ia said… interesting to see how it develops but what kinda ‘other new activities’ did ya have in mind?

  4. oh… jus got your sms… CONGRATS CHERYL!!! You’re now officially part of the family… a family that has coursed thru my real family’s veins [minus out my mum] for centuries… The emblem has shone thru many lives and now it will be yours to own.

    wear the colours with pride, joy and faith. It is a family to be proud of. Welcome to the family. 🙂

  5. [rui] you sound too patriotic already- didnt know you were so loyal. Ashley keeps congratulating me too

  6. an AC boy is always loyal. when AC has invaded your life and taken you for the 10 years, if you’re not loyal, you’re not worth the badge. 🙂

  7. [serena] thanks for the picture of charlotte; we had great fun together on the trip,glad you were there too. hope to keep in touch in the future (:

  8. hahaha. sorry, no longer future AC-ian anymore! XD and anyway cheryl, you will REALLY regret dropping ballet. DON’T DROP BALLET! you’ll need it for chi dance too anyway. X)

  9. For your info rui i think i told you, she is, i repeat, not part of the AC family as you initially thought she would. Haha. I just read this and i find this really ironic. Haha. I have the same sentiments to VS like rui does. Go ask yuan and most other vs boys and they will tell you the same. =)

  10. yeh we had this lengthy blog chat before she got into RJ… obviously all of it was for naught… right miss loh? haha

    i dunno, like we talked it out today, the decision is still yours and if you feel you can cope [and not kill yourself] in RJ then go ahead… it’s better to be there for the 1st 3months [or however long] than to not be. 🙂 gives ya better standing when the Os come out.

  11. ACS(I) is less murderous? Didn’t you go to TP? You went into ACS for the first 3 months?

    I still remember you saying you regret not studying then, Rui. A loooong time ago. But maybe you don’t remember. Oh well, 😀

    Okay, maybe that didn’t have anything to do with getting into schools… But it did with you ‘O’s.

    *Looks confused*

    *Runs off*

  12. OF COURSE ACS I is less murderous compared to RJ. but our dear girl already knows that. 🙂

  13. you all are suppose to sound encouraging, you know! just kidding- maybe I am trying to kill myself, but at least im giving it a shot to see if i can cope (:

    you people are more worked up over the entire matter as compared to me 😀

  14. Haha. why? cause we are concerned! Obviously you are like rj only mah prestigous sch then go, which is why ppl are trying to tell you what it entails. Sure though coming out of rj with awesome grades is highly likely. No point talking too much about it. you’re that kind who is independent and doesnt change your mind, to certain extent unfazed by others opinions, though you listen to it. So informing you is enough already she cant be persuaded one. Am i right? Anyway is not like rj is that bad.

    Its just that i dislike elitist schools and people who think their elites. I shan’t reveal my discussions with elitism and God but i have my opinions. :-p

  15. DUDE, You came from VS.

    Victoria School.

    Wouldn’t you have like, an ounce of eliteebizzilismness?

    Well, Cheryl, don’t people say, “shoot for the stars, maybe, just maybe, you’ll hit the moon”

    … Or was it, “shoot for the moon”?

    Oh well, *shrugs*

  16. Haha. Jo its aim for the stars, even if you fail, you reached the sky.

    A random thought. 1st 3 months is probably not a good gauge whether a sch will be tough. Generally most schs and students will slack and go out very often in 1st 3 months. Like a few times every week. I dont expect rj to be much different. So jc will initially seem not too tough. This is speaking from experience and from friends. So be sure to have fun during 1st 3 months! Jc is the time where you get used to going out alot. Haha.

  17. the whole point is to be part of the elite but not elitist!
    and i dont dont choose schools just bcos they’re prestigous- so dont worry people

    elite: a group of people regarded as the best in a particular society or organization
    elitism (elitist): the superior attitude associated with an elite.

  18. that sounds like be part of gangsters and not be a gangster! ahaha.

  19. The 3 month thing disappears next year, I think…

    It isn’t even 3 months anymore!

    JC is when you accumulate the most movie ticket stubs in the shortest amount of time in your life.

    Elitism, I think it’s more of where natural pride/confidence ends, and bigoted hubris begins.

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