Posted by: jiawen | December 17, 2007

Finished setting up the Christmas tree today; its always not an easy feat, i wonder how many other families have 6-ft tall trees in their homes. Nevertheless, we always have great fun, listening to carols and hymns as we string up the ornaments- Dad always get to put the large bells at the very top (:

Usually i get quite excited over the festivities and the gifts and the lights and the shopping but i feel different this year. I cant wait for the Christmas Sunday Service and Christmas Eve Service; or maybe i just want to hope that my singing goes through smoothly as soon as possible. Need to practice more with the tons of midis Joseph sent

My transfer from ACS (I) was complete today, and i still cant decide if im actually feeding myself to the lions or not. Mum personally prefers ACS (I) and dad HCJC and so im kinda stuck in between. But im trying not to let peoples’ opinions influence too much (key word being: ‘too much’), i’ll keep them in mind but i still need to find out for myself.

Maybe its quarter-life-crisis? But i have a strong urge to make some drastic change in my life; theres isnt much time left to think about it anyway but that ballet-whether to quit or not-dilemna is constantly floating around. I still love dancing, but maybe my passion for ballet has dropped significantly. Which is why im willing to commit myself to Dance as a CCA but not ballet as a personal pursuit. Hmmn.

No more time to waste; still have so much more to plan for LR, try to settle as much of my schedule for 2008, practice more for small group choir 



  1. LOL quarter life crisis! hmmmm sounds familiar! our sleepover is damn. ruined la. you and your christmas choir practice :p

  2. lolz… yeh i dun have a 6 feet christmas tree but puttin it up year after year is always a fun time where the family gets together. too bad i was on exercise this time around so the family had to put it up without me.

    trust me, it was a great joy to see when i stepped home from the 8day long exercise… it was like. OOO the tree’s up. SO PRETTY. 🙂 stood there for a while admiring it and remembering the good family times we had prev years…

    treasure that coz soon you girls are gonna grow up and not have time to put up trees. your brother will think it’s so lame and your parents will jus say it’s too much effort. so treasure such family times. 🙂 falalala.

    p.s. LR’s coming! can’t wait.

  3. 6 feet very big meh? I thought its common to have a 5-6 feet christmas tree? Lol. Haha. Yea you should treasure it cause i never really had one. :-p

  4. How’d you fit one in your home anyway?

    Wait, how long is six feet?

  5. Lol. Haha. Joash, dont you knoe 12 inches is 1 feet? 1 inch is 2.54cm. So 6 feet is 180++cm. Yup.

  6. Well I know 6 inches is half-a-foot. I was lazy to calculate.

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