Posted by: jiawen | December 17, 2007

Cherie was the person who introduced this song to me; the chorus is extremely CATCHY and I like the fact that Big Bang always performs it LIVE. I was never really a big fan of songs with alot of rap verses but somehow i managed to alter my taste a little. So give the song a try and watch the live performance- the layout & theme is a bit strange though.  The lyrics are so-so but they wrote the lyrics and music themselves; i was pretty impressed

Title Track: Lies            

Artiste: Big Bang

Lyrics Translation:

yeah (love is pain) to all my brokenhearted-people (come again) one’s old a flame,, scream my name
and i’m so sick of love songs, yeah i hate damn love song,, memento of ours,,

(Lies) It’s raining late at night it brings you here I run at the end of memories
I could live fine without you, even if you beg it will come to no use
I drank the alcohol I couldn’t drink, I even drank up the night that burned my heart [?]
I hate it, a day without you is too long, I beg to finally forget about you (It’s all lies)

Without you, I have no smiles/No tears well up
I don’t want to live anymore

You’re like a pest It makes me mad I think I’m going insane at the thought of you
I want to see you, but they say I can’t, it’s all over, I’ll be right there

i’m so sorry but i love you it’s all lies/I didn’t know, but now I do, I need you
i’m so sorry but i love you sharp words on a whim I didn’t even know, I sent you off
i’m so sorry but i love you it’s all lies i’m so sorry(*2) but i love you(*2)
i’m so sorry but i love you leave me and could you forget me slowly so I can hurt

That song I sang you that I put everything into (Daesung: People probably don’t know)
By myself, so that nobody else knows (Yeah, the words that I said were all lies)
Now I’m being left alone, the sight of me not knowing what to do

The crinkled note in my pocket, that told of seperation, that I have folded (hey, hey)
(Daesung: Where are you, that habit of mine of calling you)
I want to change, I want to laugh it all off now

oh oh oh oh oh for everything to be a dream oh oh oh oh oh because I’m nothing more than this

I still can’t forget you. Even if it takes forever, even until I die.
I wonder if that hurt I gave you has healed, I’m sorry because I didn’t do anything for you



  1. Haha it’s my best discovery yet! (: woah a sudden bout of posts since our internet has been fixed!

  2. They had this show on MTV too… At least that was how I heard about them.

  3. [Joash] you watched MKMF awards on MTV? i didnt it was aired on that channel

  4. No, they had this show/documentary called Big Bang[Bah-ngg~](Haha) on MTV, which showed them training to be the group they are, like how that guy got dropped from the group and stuff.

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