Posted by: jiawen | December 20, 2007

Theres this really fine, thin line that lies between people; kinda like the line you have between you and your desk partners in primary school where one party wasnt allowed to cross into the other person’s desk space. Once you cross this line; the other person isnt going to like it. this line is otherwise known as ‘personal space’. people feel threatened of their privacy and freedom when other people throw themselves into others’ personal space- and its rude anyway. just to put it right, i feel like whining to somebody about someone. and its strange, because im not a whiner by nature. never mind, i have Cherie to always whine to 😀

managed to catch up with celia, ju, michelle, rebekah this morning (: i love how we can talk about so many things under the sky and not feel embarassed; rebekah baked muffins for everyone and they really look too pretty to eat; they have apple bits and a bit of brandy- NICE!

decided not to give out Christmas cards but perhaps do New Year cards instead

just look at the awesome scenery in switzerland






  1. Blessed Christmas to you!! yes, if there is one wish i’ld make. I’ld hope to be in Switzerland now! Hee.

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