Posted by: jiawen | December 25, 2007

I really love Christmas this year; everything was just nice, the atmosphere, the friends & family, fun, laughter, praise, worship and reflection.

The thing about working together and striving for the same end result really makes one feel that whatever we’re are doing is purposeful. Having been unable to attend service choir practices ever since they were held on fridays, being part of the music ministry once again reminded me how enjoyable it is to use music and our voices to praise Him. The use of different instruments brought our Christmas Eve service to another level altogether; making it more uplifting and refreshing. On Saturday night, it seemed as if the programme wouldnt run through smoothly. We were trying to make things work, rushing things through. Although the situation become stressful & a little tense, I was so encouraged by everyone’s dedication despite their fatigue. God is good (:

What counts most in the exchange of Christmas cards and gifts is sincerity. I always enjoy reading those cards filled with encouragement. I guess those are a good reminder of what we can do for our brothers and sisters, to constantly support and encourage one another. Not only during this festive period but throughout the years to come.

Plus, Leaders’ Retreat: 26-28 Dec (: .Oh and i guess, not to mention, my SM winter album will be arriving soon-It got shipped out 2 days ago.

Nevermind the fact that mum & dad recieved more presents than I did; i think i might be the new Nike walking advertisment or something.

I hope everyone else had a Blessed Christmas too!



  1. hey cheryl,, new blog 🙂 christmas was great! u sang really well too 🙂

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