Posted by: jiawen | January 27, 2008

life currently seems a bit unreal. little tutorials, free evenings, 7hrs of sleep..this shouldnt be happening?im in JC, hello? i thought that meant, 5hrs of sleep, a packed schedule and coffee as a necessary part of my daily diet. this is certainly strange. ok, the only thing i want to complain about is this chemistry project that im dreading to do. my fellow RI partner is going away during the CNY for 10 whole days, so you tell me whose the one who will be doing the final editing of the proposal and ppt slides 😦

 on a happy note, i predict that tomorrow will be a relatively good day, where i’ll be coming home early. i’ll browse through my orientation photos for the 1st time tomorrow-how exciting! and plus, we (SCSBACD) got into talentime semis (: whoots! theres this column where we’re supposed to describe our costume for the item and jiayun suggested writing this: ‘short skirts that fly up all the time’, which led to me and yueyun bursting into laughter for a long long time. no, its just some retro-themed item which is why we’re wearing large-printed dresses/skirts and gym shorts underneath. only that on wed when the semis are held [in the canteen, out of all places!], practically the entire school population will be there, considering how assembly period is just before that. maria or someone else suggested we buy insurance, since the possibility of us slipping and falling on some random split drink or strand of noodle is relatively high 😀

i tried finding out the meaning of ‘terrestrial ball’, i mean i know what terrestrial means, but when these 2 words come together, i cant seem to find a meaning that fits into the context of the hymn “Crown Him Lord of All”.

i need to buy a CD. or maybe CDs. the only problem is that i need a sponser of some sort (:



  1. “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name”, you mean?

    Terrestrial, silicate planet. Ball, sphere/globe/round-thingy.


    “Let every kindred, every tribe
    on this terrestrial ball,”

    Let everyone in this world, on this Earth, crown Him Lord of all[?].

  2. please don’t slip and fall on spilt milo or bundung or whatever… u be careful and be fun! hhaha dancing in the canteen. FUNKZ. 🙂

    ah, i packed up my schedule for the week… guess it’s like a must-do thing for me, dun like to not have stuff to do. ahha

    and yes, i still love my jacket.

  3. $33… yeh k, i could sponser u for a cd or two. haha like i told ya, splurges on family, FRIENDS, self. 🙂

  4. aiyoh.
    you very funny lor.
    got free time also dun treasure.
    must treasure the carefree time now!

    the ‘busiest’ days will be coming!

    i’m so singlish.

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