Posted by: jiawen | February 3, 2008

i feel doomed. like this sms suddenly comes and says “ms tan wants us to do chem tutorial from qn 11-23” and chem tutorial is tomorrow! my little dreamy lazing-around bubble has been burst ): this reminds me, i better do my tutorials way in advanced.

and i feel the need to sign up for some enrichment thing in RJ, everyone else around me is going for some research programme or community leaders forum of some sort. i feel like trying out for RCLF though.

Politics and scandals are such dangerous things, you know. In JC, there is no such thing as not being mindful of your actions, esp towards the opp. gender bcos there are silly people out there who misinterprete every little action people do. which is quite strange,bcos they really read too much into things. (by the way, im not involved in any of such above-mentioned things. just a general comment, thats all)

but im happy, because im going Vday shopping with yue tomorrow and i have OG dinner on tues and a lonely-hearts-day stayover @ lor’s house and theres no CCA until after CNY (: whoots.


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