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im down to one drawer left- to clean i mean. was cleaning my windows yesterday, and i could almost have died for some sort of lung disease and eye infection seeing how much gunk there was and dust was flying everywhere. im going to be  doing clearing out my room today after like 4 days, so please congratulate me

promised mum that i would go and check on the courses on the a) New language b) New instrument. Basically i cant even do that yet because i have to make a choice first. Language: Japanese or Korean? Although actually anyone of those is alright with me, Japanese is probably the more practical choice. but never mind, i still have 11hours and 45mins to decide

today the internet is cranking up; im annoyed at how torrents and clubbox are crawling along. its going to be impossible to dl anything. basically today is not a very good day for technical fixups. i’ve trying to convert my softsubs to a hardsub video for the past few hours and nothing seems to be working fine. i doubt i would have the patience later to install a plug-in onto this blog so that music can actually play on wordpress

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this is really a miscellaneous post, you all will see why!

1. Tiffany’s Picture; [Rui] this is for you, so that you’ll finally be able to tell that she’s female


2. Forever Love mp3; [rui] its you again- i had no idea what you were talking about on sunday but this is the new favourite ballad song in my life currently. and i’ve uploaded the mp3- acapella version on mediafire, and im sharing the link here. Highly recommended! its saying something, because i dont want to waste my time uploading this file for nothing. anyway, cherie asked me to post about the song, so here it is!

Download it here

For you who ‘doubt’ my taste in music, preview the live performance of the same song below before DL-ing the song :

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And im back from the whole poofydress-nicehair/makeup-high heeled event.

back to my slackish lifestyle; im wondering if i should embrace it to the fullest, ie. like just slack around doing things that do not require brainwork; i’ve been loading myself with Grey’s Anatomy for the past couple of days. im feeling guilty already. not good. Did my PAE exercise today, no one’s certain where i’ll be posted to, but I know God’s plans for me will work through.

kind of struggling through learning/practicing the Christmas presentation songs- coupled with the fact that theres only one person per part, im extremely nervous and feeling inadequate. Alto 2 is a good range for me though (:

Title: Last Angel; Theme song for movie ‘Resident Angel’

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Prom is happening later; but it is really an overrated event. its as if some people are preparing for a marriage ceremony or something. lets see:

5pm: Going to rachel’s house to prep up

6.45pm: Pre-dinner cocktail starts

7.30pm: Dinner + Entertainment + Taking tons of pictures

10pm : Meet Yunhui and go back to rachel’s house for slumber party

and so it turns out that i can blend 3 colours of eyeshadow on my own pretty well – its one of my hidden skills!

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Being superficial. Doesnt being superficial also means being truthful, because i guess its a fact that all of us are superficial in one way or another. People may be mature and sensible but some aspects just dont change. All that talk about how “appearances dont matter”, we all know that, but i dont think its 100% possible to rid the fact that alot of judgements are made based on appearances. by appearances i mean: outward beauty, manner of speech, actions. I’m definitely guilty of being superficial and making silent judgements (in my brain). and thats when i feel like a really MEAN person

came by this topic when we (my friends and I) were talking about qualities of a future boyfriend/husband- you get what i mean. Loads of weird stuff came out, and then I realised that of course, personality does matter, but how about the other things? Being A Christian is non-negotiable 🙂 Occupation, Intelligence, Eloquency, Level of Education, External appearance? Everyone has a certain amount of personal pride, and according to my dearest sister/best friend Cherie, I have tons and tons of personal pride; its like OVERFLOWING. aish. not good right? so, heres a short summary of what we came up with:

At least a university graduate; Taller (height) than us; Must be eloquent and speak a reasonable standard of english, good grammer is important; earn more than we do

these things are so funny but REAL- i know when i look back next time, i’ll laugh at myself and how immature I’m now.

all in the life of a teenage person.

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2007 Mnet KM Music Festival (171107): Didnt manage to stream it and watch it on my PC live; quite disappointed at some of the outcomes, but the performances were great. shall vent my annoyance about the awards in another post; i need to get all of it out. Big Bang should have won artist of the year 😦

Artist of the Year – Super Junior (Don’t Don!)
Song of the Year – Big Bang (거짓말 [Lies])
Album of the Year – Epik High (Remapping the Human Soul)
Best Male Group – Big Bang (거짓말 [Lies])
Best Female Group – Seeya (사랑의 인사 [Love Greetings])
Best Male Solo – Lee Seungki (착한 거짓말 [White Lie])
Best Female Solo Artist – Ivy (유혹의 소나타 [Sonata of Temptation])
Best Mixed Group Award – Clazziquai (Lover Boy)
Best New Male Group – FT Island (사랑앓이 [Lovesick])
Best New Female Group – Wonder Girls (Irony)
Best New Solo Artist – Younha (비밀번호 486 [Secret Number 486])
House/Electronic – Clazziquai (Lover Boy)
Rock – Cherry Filter (느껴봐)
HipHop – Epik High (Fan)
Ballad – Yangpa (사랑…그게뭔데 [Love…What Is That])
R&B/Soul – SG Wannabe (아리랑 [Arirang])
Dance – ChunSangJiHee The Grace (한번도, OK? [One More Time, OK?])
Best Music Video Screenplay – Dynamic Duo (출첵 [Attendance Check])
Best Music Video Actors – Goodbye Sadness (오죽했으면) / Jung Ilwoo, Baek Sunghyun
Mobile Popularity Award – Super Junior (Don’t Don!) Award – FT Island (사랑앓이 [Lovesick])
Auction Netizen Popularity Award – Super Junior
Arirang Overseas Popularity Award – Shinhwa

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I uploaded one of the Anyband Samsung Commerical songs on a music forum, thought i must as well spread the link around. even though if you didnt watch the 9 minute long commercial, you should at least give the songs a try! cherie & i keep singing this song around the house- its rather catchy/addictive

[Anyband Single: (Track 1) TPL – Talk, Play, Love ] 

Click here to Download

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Colours! A Splash of Life; I’m so encouraged that 4 of my close friends have agreed to come. Have been praying for the past few days that they will be receptive and have an open mind.

[Samsung Anyband CF Music Video]

This commerical is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen; you all have to watch it. The plot, music, cast is amazing. Samsung has an ingenious marketing technique, getting all the talented artistes to play/sing the commercials’ 2 main songs. BoA, Junsu, Tablo and Jin Bora make up the promotional band for this commercial. There is even a single that was released featuring the 2 songs: Talk, Play, Love and Promise U. Look at how the lyrics of Talk, Play, Love actually advertise the functions of the Samsung phones- very well woven together indeed.

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I’m officially graduating today. Thats so surreal, ceremony is later at 5.30pm and all the teachers are saying how we should be very proud of ourselves and all that, but i wonder if this is to be an emotionally stimulating process. Our class is the last to go up, and we all doubt anyone will still have the energy to clap for us, execpt our parents of course.

 recieved our ‘class of 2007’ jacket yesterday- i like it (: black with gold/yellow print [photo doesnt do it justice, cherie liked it so much, she hogged it and wore it around the house yesterday]

am back to spring-cleaning my room and throwing alot of things out; i should keep some of my work in secondary school for memory and i’ll probably laugh at myself and my handwriting a couple of years on



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The custom header is pretty random; i couldnt find a good enough picture to fit up there, i just picked one SNSD one since it fitted nicely when it was cropped. shall change it when i find a better picture

 [Single Release 121107] I love Rock and Roll – Lee Da Hae

Wonder how this will turn out- I love her as an actress especially in My Girl where she acts ditzy and so comical, but her english is fluent so then at least the english version of the song wont sound so bad. Hope the single will be good, everytime an actor tries to switch to singing, it never works out. Will upload the songs in my next post

[CF] Lee Da Hae’s Rock and Roll for MKMF 2007

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A sigh of relief

Os are OVER (: It feels like liberation day; although personally im not making a big fuss of the ‘occasion’, there isnt a whole lot of difference anyway (yueyun feels the same, especially since she has been slacking so much on credit to her genius brain!) I was comtemplating on bumming off for the all of days until i go off to Switzerland and Italy, but i think theres a possibility i might feel a little guilty. As i told Rhea yesterday, i need to find something meaningful to do! Like learn something new or volunteering/helping other people..

Its funny how my secondary school life is ending so quickly; theres graduation ceremony on thursdays, Prom next monday and all the other formal ceremonies we have to go to just for the sake of them. PROM will be great of course- c’mon its SCGS; expecting alot of glamour, class and grace next monday. We SC girls have just the right amount of fashion sense; not mentioning seeing people in prada/gucci, it will be a whole lot of fun…Recess table


 A) One dress of greenish-blue shade from chaber. Polyester (price can be disclosed later) 

 B) One 3-inch heeled black pumps from Pretty Fit           

oh and i decided to change to wordpress because i think the server its more organized and offers more functions

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