Posted by: jiawen | February 6, 2008

as janice mentioned, VDay is overated.

i think JC changes people. okay maybe not ‘JC life’ itself. its interesting to note how people change after they start interacting with people of the opp. gender. considering how RJ is probably made up of 95% of people who were from all-girls/all-guys sec school, JC is probably some sort of a major social change to undertake. Im grateful for all my normal, sane friends who still remain the person i know them to be and for not changing just to impress others.

In JC, i hear God’s prompting in many different subtle ways & I thank Him for those times. There have been many times where peer pressure (not from my dearest friends, but from the general student population) starts building up, but then i remember God’s word and His commandments and I draw away from doing silly things. I stand back and realise how the secular world that im part of will always be dragging me in to do the things displeases God. Maybe its just a personal effort to separate what i think is morally right from wrong.



  1. funny, you’re the 2nd person who i’ve heard has complained that JC is changing people they know. I think it wasn’t as obvious to me about the switch from sec-poly… i went into poly with no one and i already interact with the opp. gender in church so there wasn’t a WOAH change for me. haha

    but yeh, i understand what u mean. people always change when their surroundings change. but i’m sure you’re strong and directed enuf to hold your fort. 🙂 anyhoo, dun pay too much attention to those around u la. not good. grinz.

    peer pressure is my biggest worry for u in RJ. but u already know that now don’t u? 🙂 dun get too caught up in the ratrace to score and do well that you forget your calling in JC, in RJ, in life. 🙂 God calls us to be set aside, to be individuals for Him and for His work. Remember, God first, people/school second. heh. take care cheryl.

    this week is too long. :> but it’s filled with bah-kwah. yayz. haha see ya soon

  2. Great to hear that you’re fighting against pressures and temptations. At least you’re voicing them out which shows that you’re at least trying and its encouraging at the same time. But be careful that very often we often overlook many things which are displeasing to God in Jc which we dont notice but are actually displeasing to Him. Just my personal reflection when i look back at jc life. And hoprfully its just a word usage and you’re not making judgement based on morals! Morals are often world influenced even though our morals are largely God-influenced for us christians. haha. God’s word is best if you can. =)

  3. hello! i didn’t know you read my blog. haha. thanks anyway(:

  4. congrats dear(: hope you managed to enjoy at least part of your birth day. love lots (:



  7. Hey update leh. Lol.

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